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Sunset Cruises in Boracay Sail from Boracay and enjoy the best yacht days tours and yacht experiences

Discover our cruising packages
Discover our Packages
Luxury Yacht Charters
to Boracay
Rent a luxury yacht in the Philippines and cruise to Boracay to enjoy the #1 touristic destination in the Philippines. Discover our Packages

#1 Yacht Rental Specialist in Boracay Island

In Boracay, we rent out various types of yachts, boats, and other watercraft for yacht days excursions, charters, boat fishing expeditions, and events. Ideal for weekend getaways, Boracay Yacht Rental is a better option than renting a yacht from White Beach for island hopping, day trips, and diving activities. Long cruises and yacht charters to Palawan, Cebu and Manila are also available. Rent a boat for the day or an overnight journey to Carabao Island from Boracay. Enjoy boracay boat ride or boracay yacht ride & Begin cruising with us right now.

Yacht For Rent in Boracay

For your private events in Boracay, Aklan, Carabao island, or anyplace else in the Philippines, choose from a selection of boats and yachts for rent. Plan your Yachty Birthday Party, boat day tour, or fishing trip with us and experience a two-hour sunset ride from Boracay island.


Wharram Tiki 46

  • Length (ft): 46
  • Number of Cabins: 4
  • Guests for day Charter: 15
  • Guests for overnight: 8
Boracay boat rental

Luxury Catamaran

  • Length (ft): 55
  • Number of Cabins: 0
  • Guests for day Charter: 40
  • Guests for overnight: N/A
  • Length (ft): 55
  • Number of Cabins: 0
  • Guests for day Charter: 40
  • Guests for overnight: N/A

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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia.

Best Yacht Tours & Charter in Boracay Island

Discover our yacht packages in Boracay, Day tours, overnight trips, sunset cruises, boat parties and yacht activities.

Departure from Boracay

Carabao Island Day Overnight

  • From Php 100,000
  • Number of Guests: 10
  • 8 hours
  • Sunseeker Flybridge 360


Why Renting a yacht in Boracay?

You can rent a boat in Boracay and cruise to a variety of places. You may go anywhere with over 7000 islands to choose from, including popular destinations such as the quiet coves near Carabao Island, Boracay’s gorgeous shores, and Palawan’s unspoiled beauty.  Boracay Yacht Rental and the LXV Group offer a yacht rental fleet in Boracay and throughout the Philippines that can take you wherever you want to sail. In the Philippines, you can hire a yacht for luxury charter to private islands and resorts, a simple day tour and sail with friends and family, or something more intimate like a sunset dinner cruise with your significant other.

Diving to marine protected reefs around Boracay is one of the best ways to enjoy a boat rental in the Visayas. . LXV Group has party boats that can accommodate groups of all sizes if you wish to party on a boat in Boracay. For any occasion, including birthdays, Boracay yacht weddings, corporate parties, and more, Boracay Yacht Rental can offer you the appropriate private yacht experiences.

When you charter a yacht in the Philippines by Boracay Yacht Rental, you may participate in a variety of sailing activities, such as day tours, fishing trips, private charters, or yachts events. Explore our selection of boats for rent in Borcay and the Philippines. Scuba diving and a liveaboard cruises to Apo Reef or Tubbataha Reef are also available on charter boats from Boracay. Fishing trips to Siargao, Cebu, or Punta Fuego will be planned with fishing boats for rent and professional equipment.

Discover Boracay

Best Cruising Spots Around Boracay

Carabao Island

Cruise to the beautiful Carabao island just in the north of Boracay. Rent a yacht and spend a boat day tour to explore the white sand beach and beautiful coral reefs of Carabao Island. 


Types Of Yacht Rentals

Day Tours & Island hoppings

Boracay island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines with the White Beach. But if you are looking for a more quiet sailing destination for your boat rental, we can sail to Carabao island for a day tour or a further destination for a multiple-day charter such as Palawan, Bohol, or Mindoro. 

Yacht Parties & Events

Boracay is the main party destination in the Philippines. Rent a private yacht and enjoy a private event with a DJ to enjoy a sunset with your friends while enjoying cocktails. Rent one of our party boats in Boracay now with Boracay Yacht Rental by LXV Group. 

Experiences & Activities

While enjoying your yacht rental in Boracay, we will be able to propose to you a wide range of yacht activities and days tour ideas. You can cruise to the best fishing or diving spots, you can also enjoy different water sports such as a banana boat or jet ski rental in Boracay. 

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